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We are a Lifescience Marketing organization and are proud to be one of the few independent international Market Research companies specialized in the Healthcare Industry. We have all the solutions, processes and methods to meet your objectives, and are unwaveringly focused on innovation.

FMR GLOBAL HEALTH has the know-how to develop the solutions, processes and methods that will grant you the highest added value in view of your objectives and geographic scope.

With more than 35 years’ market research expertise in the field of Healthcare and the ability to develop innovative methodologies, we are strongly positioned to provide you with concrete, actionable, strategic solutions to help you grow your business.






We have an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and are constantly striving to deliver high-quality market research results. Clients choose to work with us because we actively listen to their needs. They stay with us because they trust us and they think our deliverables enable them to better address their business challenges.


Always go the extra mile by offering innovative methodologies and highly advanced analyses. How do we intend to always accomplish this? Via a customer-centric approach that reaches out beyond the strict confines of market research.


Our employees are the DNA of the company. Their quality of life is our priority. And this renders them more efficient for our clients.


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