Cell phones and computers have now become part of our daily lives at a very early age. No less than 58 percent of French people say they keep their cell phones with them 24 hours a day. For many, their phone is the first thing they grab when they wake up in the morning and the last thing they check before going to sleep.

Strangely enough, studies have shown that constant exposure to these devices is harmful to mental health, mainly because of social media. Users are constantly comparing themselves to others, which may cause feelings of anxiety in more sensitive individuals due to an inferiority complex.

Just a couple decades ago, before the arrival of cell phones, it might take days for a friend or family member to respond. But now, as connectivity continues to gain ground, users may feel they’re being ignored if they don’t receive a response within a few hours after sending a message. This lack of response may quickly cause feelings of loneliness in young people, and can lead to depression.