Prague, Czech Republic,
During this international congress, FMR GLOBAL HEALTH will once again carry out an impact SURVEY amongst physician participating in the congress. The questions shall address the following points:

  • Physician’s specialty
  • The country where they practice
  • Number of years’ experience
  • The main pathologies they manage
  • The information sought for in the congress
  • The exhibitors they visited in the congress
  • The exhibitors they consider to be most innovative
  • The stands they stopped by
  • The exhibitors they consider to be most involved in therapeutic education
  • The exhibitors with the most appealing activities
  • The exhibitors where they found the best information
  • The exhibitor they consider to be the champion of the congress
  • If you are head of Market Research or head of Marketing and/or are an exhibitor at this congress, you may ask two questions specific to this congress free of charge.
  • All you need to do is register
  • One of the International Key Account Managers will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.