More and more patients want to be actively engaged in treatments for their illnesses. What drugs are available on the market? Are there any alternatives? What are the side effects? This is the sort of information that today’s patients want to know.

Patients’ trust in the medications they take and in the labs that make them are a key factor in effective treatment. Once they lose trust, patients may not completely follow their treatment as prescribed, and the healing process takes longer. When results are slow to materialize, it’s often the medication that is called into question, and not the lapses in treatment. And if patients are unhappy with a product, they can quickly turn on the laboratory, hurting its image in the eyes of the public.

To gain back the public’s trust, pharma companies are now giving patients a forum to express their opinions in order to better understand how they’re perceived by the public. By taking into account patients’ needs, pharmaceutical companies are betting on increased transparency to improve their image.