In 2015, figures showed that Alzheimer’s was a daily reality for 30 million people and the cause of death for 2 million – the equivalent of a new case every 70 seconds in the United States alone. Alzheimer’s is considered to be the 7th leading cause of death worldwide.

Auditory memory can be a very powerful treatment, as the Swedish company ReMind is fully aware. This type of memory can create a link between a past recollection and a certain state of mind or emotion, making it much easier for us to bring back memories than with a written text. This new technology, which is still under development, will be used to record melodies and music that create a link between the face of a loved-one that has become unfamiliar to the Alzheimer’s patient and a piece of music that is more easily recognizable. For this type of illness in particular, family support is essential. The patient’s loved ones can help reconstruct lost memories.

Another benefit of this technology is that it can reduce patients’ anxiety and stress, often accompanied by feelings of loneliness. The music creates a familiar environment that enables Alzheimer’s victims to keep track of time more easily.