In real life, some board games are a real source of inspiration and Taboo is one of these. Taboo is a card game with words to be guessed (e.g. diabetic) and Taboo words that should not be used when trying to hint at the first word (e.g. sugar, glucose, injection, insulin, control). With Taboo, expression and creativity take the centre stage to help describe the words! Taboo is the ideal game to bring a group together and have a fun and highly productive time!

You have understood by now that the objective in a game of Taboo is to get a team member to guess a word without using certain forbidden words referred to as Taboo words.

In Healthcare Market Research, we have adapted this board game to work on the image of drugs. The exercise is performed in the framework of a five-person Workshop. The moderator selects one participant whom they ask to go and stand by a Paper Board some distance away from the other four participants. The moderator then shows the participants who remained seated a card on which is printed the name of a drug as well as the words that should not be used (manufacturer name, molecule name etc.). These are the Taboo words (which would make guessing easy).

The four participants who remained seated must try to get their peer standing by the Paper Board to guess the name of the product without ever saying the Taboo words (forbidden/obvious words) written on the card. This exercise is repeated for your product and those of the main competitors.