In real life, convincing implies listening to the others to understand their logic, identifying their expectations and objections, preparing one’s arguments, being credible while basing oneself on proof, being totally clear when presenting one’s arguments, and sharing one’s innermost beliefs.

In Healthcare Market Research, we bring prescribers and non-prescribers of your products together in Focus Groups so as to confront their perceptions and attitudes and pinpoint the beliefs that lie behind their convictions.

Having worked on their prescription logic, SWOTs of the various offers, available proof, associated beliefs, needs and expectations, we divide them into 2 teams for an all-out Wargame session with the purpose of:

  • Constructing structured arguments to convince those who do not prescribe your product to do so.
  • Identifying objections to the prescription of your product and the response that is most likely to persuade them otherwise.