In real life, the optimum study methodology to be used to gather qualitative information remains a recurring question: should Focus Groups or IDIs be the priority , and what is the rationale?

Focus Groups should be the priority whenever seeking for a consensus and to identify fracture points. This is a method that appeals to participants as it places emphasis on discussion and role play and enables to pinpoint the key arguments. It guarantees real interaction between participants so as to stimulate the production of ideas and build up new concepts. On the other hand, IDIs should be focused on when striving to capture the following in depth: individual experience, each person’s feelings without outside influence or else re-enactment of a real life situation.

In Healthcare Market Research, there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong” methodology. However it is crucial to choose methods that will generate the highest added-value in the light of your objectives and needs. Thirty years of expertise in Healthcare Market Research enable us to advise our clients efficiently!