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Brand Health

Brand Health

Brand Awareness, Trust, Usage

ATU indicators reveal how well-known, trusted and used your brand is. High ATU scores indicate that your brand is easily recognizable and widely used.

Brand Equity

Brand equity is a key concept in the management of a business strategy. It helps identify the set of characteristics that consumers associate with the brand and the key differentiation points.

Brand Loyalty and Hesitation

As you develop strong ATU and brand equity, it is crucial to pay close heed to who your brand promoters are. Indeed, unlike passive customers, your loyal customers help bolster brand health. Find out who these loyal and passive customers are in your target market by integrating brand loyalty or hesitation in your brand health study.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning allows you to stand out from competitors. This differentiation helps to bolster brand awareness, communicate value, and enhance brand equity — all of which impact your brand health.

Brand Communication Strategy

If one of your objectives is to develop a strategy to boost your brand awareness, then you need to know how to address your customers. Finding the most suitable communication channels and carefully selecting your key claims render your brand health stronger.

Brand Health


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