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Market Understanding and Strategy

Market Segmentation

If you want to aim your product ranges at groups of customers with similar needs, then market segmentation is what you require.

Market Dynamics

Markets are constantly changing. Understanding the forces that affect manufacturer and consumer behavior helps to create an efficient market strategy.

Competitive Landscape

How to better understand your place on the market than from a comparative perspective?

Market Potential and Sizing

This objective addresses the need to understand market potential and invest resources with the best possible return on the long term.

Pricing Research

Pricing research enables you to work out how much customers are willing to pay for a specific product/service and ultimately decide on the optimum pricing strategy.

Customer Journey Mapping

If your objective is to pinpoint your growth opportunities and improve your customers’ decision-making process, then customer journey mapping is what you need.

Opportunity assessment

Do you want to develop an actionable strategy based on potential growth in a specific market? Then you might consider an opportunity assessment on your market.


Forecasting quantifies the growth that is achievable on a specific market for a specific period, thus helping you anticipate the market evolution.


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