Choose a Methodology That Fits Your Objectives.



Hybrid Approach

The hybrid approach integrates both quantitative and qualitative research for a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the market. It offers a holistic approach combining statistical data with detailed contextualized insights.

Qualitative Research Approach

Qualitative research gathers data on experiences, feelings or behaviors, and the meanings individuals attach to them. It provides deeper understanding of how or why things have occurred, and what significance they have for individuals. It helps gain in-depth understanding of complex concepts and social interactions.

Quantitative Research Approach

Quantitative research helps to uncover patterns or relationships, and to generalize the findings to the study population, offering a birds’ eye view of the research topic. This type of research is useful for finding out how many, how much, how often, or to what extent.

Tracking Studies

Tracking studies are usually ATU surveys which assess key performance indicators related to awareness, trust, usage and the importance of various brand/product criteria. The results show how these indicators change over time.

Desk / Secondary Research Approach

Commonly known as desk research, secondary research is the quest for what is known and evaluation of what is unknown in the market with regard to a specific topic. This is an exploratory approach aiming to guide and structure the research design towards specific and clear research objectives; it includes a critical review of academic literature and reports, but also newspapers, magazines, and digital resources such as blogs or social media.

Digital Tools in Research

Eye tracker

Social Media listening

Web Scrapping

Crowdsourcing innovation






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