Concept Testing

Customers ultimately decide whether a new product, service or feature succeeds or not. Concept testing provides you with vital insight into the customer standpoint prior to launching your new product/ service.

Value Story Testing

This is the solution to identify what makes your product unique or valuable, and how it fits within the product category and the brand/company image that you are striving to build.

Packaging Testing

If you want to design the most appealing packaging to maximize your customers’ likelihood of buying your products, then you would be well advised to consider incorporating packaging testing indicators in your study.

Communication Testing

Communication testing is used to explore the best way to convey information about your products/services to your customers or stakeholders.

Recall Testing / DFU

Consider this approach when you want to measure and understand how memorable your communication campaign is.

Target Product Profile Testing

A target product profile outlines the characteristics of an innovative product and is used to assess the extent to which it might address unmet needs.


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