Brand Health

Brand Awareness, Trust, Usage

ATU indicators reveal how well-known, trusted and used your brand is. High ATU scores indicate that your brand is easily recognizable and widely used.

Brand Equity

Brand equity is a key concept in the management of a business strategy. It helps identify the set of characteristics that consumers associate with the brand and the key differentiation points.

Brand Loyalty and Hesitation

As you develop strong ATU and brand equity, it is crucial to pay close heed to who your brand promoters are. Indeed, unlike passive customers, your loyal customers help bolster brand health. Find out who these loyal and passive customers are in your target market by integrating brand loyalty or hesitation in your brand health study.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning allows you to stand out from competitors. This differentiation helps to bolster brand awareness, communicate value, and enhance brand equity — all of which impact your brand health.

Brand Communication Strategy

If one of your objectives is to develop a strategy to boost your brand awareness, then you need to know how to address your customers. Finding the most suitable communication channels and carefully selecting your key claims render your brand health stronger.

Brand Health
Value proposition

Value Proposition

Company Reputation

Company reputation stems from how customers and stakeholders view you in the market. Good company reputation is based on strong value proposition and vice versa. Bringing to light the baseline of your company’s reputation provides you with the bearings you need to build a strong value proposition.

Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio assessment offers a strong foundation to design a clear value proposition. It identifies the perceived value of each existing product and highlights opportunities to extend or improve the product portfolio.

Unique Selling Points

Having gained insight into your company’s reputation and portfolio needs, explore your unique selling points to differentiate yourself in a competitive landscape. This will bring the flavor of your company’s value proposition to the forefront.

Development of Value Stories

Stories are what keep us moving forward. Values are what drive our behavior. Working on your value stories ensures you continue motivating your customers to choose your company/products.

Market Understanding and Strategy

Market Segmentation

If you want to aim your product ranges at groups of customers with similar needs, then market segmentation is what you require.

Market Dynamics

Markets are constantly changing. Understanding the forces that affect manufacturer and consumer behavior helps to create an efficient market strategy.

Competitive Landscape

How to better understand your place on the market than from a comparative perspective?

Market Potential and Sizing

This objective addresses the need to understand market potential and invest resources with the best possible return on the long term.

Pricing Research

Pricing research enables you to work out how much customers are willing to pay for a specific product/service and ultimately decide on the optimum pricing strategy.

Customer Journey Mapping

If your objective is to pinpoint your growth opportunities and improve your customers’ decision-making process, then customer journey mapping is what you need.

Opportunity assessment

Do you want to develop an actionable strategy based on potential growth in a specific market? Then you might consider an opportunity assessment on your market.


Forecasting quantifies the growth that is achievable on a specific market for a specific period, thus helping you anticipate the market evolution.

Market Understanding and Strategy
Product Development and Innovations

Product Development and Innovations

Technological Development and Innovation

Staying up-to-date with technological developments and innovations helps you constantly fine-tune your research and development strategies.

Impact of a product launch

Anticipating the impact of a product launch is of the utmost importance in order to optimize or successfully position your product/service.

Unmet needs and future expectations

No product development, innovation or positioning can be considered without first identifying unmet needs and future expectations.

User experience

Meaningful and relevant user/customer experiences are the cornerstone of any product development or innovation.


Concept Testing

Customers ultimately decide whether a new product, service or feature succeeds or not. Concept testing provides you with vital insight into the customer standpoint prior to launching your new product/ service.

Value Story Testing

This is the solution to identify what makes your product unique or valuable, and how it fits within the product category and the brand/company image that you are striving to build.

Packaging Testing

If you want to design the most appealing packaging to maximize your customers’ likelihood of buying your products, then you would be well advised to consider incorporating packaging testing indicators in your study.

Communication Testing

Communication testing is used to explore the best way to convey information about your products/services to your customers or stakeholders.

Recall Testing / DFU

Consider this approach when you want to measure and understand how memorable your communication campaign is.

Target Product Profile Testing

A target product profile outlines the characteristics of an innovative product and is used to assess the extent to which it might address unmet needs.

Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer

Standard of care and protocols

Investigating the standard of care and protocols is a useful and efficient way to tune in to the voices of your customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the standard approach for measuring customer opinion and collecting feedback about your company/products/services.

Impact on patients’ and caregivers’ QoL

We place specific emphasis on how patients and caregivers describe their quality of life as this represents a cornerstone of many treatments.

Evaluating support programs/apps

Evaluating apps or support programs helps provide insight into customers’ standpoint and enables to maintain a close rapport with them via innovative solutions.

Congress Research

Congress research is a time and cost-efficient way of learning directly from prominent HCPs, including KOLs, in a convivial and engaging environment for them.



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