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We are committed to firmly anchoring sustainability in 3Ps: People, Product, and Planet. We do that by empowering our employees, by confidentiality and data protection of our clients, and by sustainable purchasing



FMR is committed to Sustainable development.

FMR  encourages concrete measures to protect the environment, including cooperation with its Suppliers to ensure application of best practices throughout the supply chain.

Sustainability is the long-term viability of a business. It is more than corporate social responsibility and reputation, and it also goes beyond environmental sustainability. A sustainable business integrates long-term stakeholder value into all dimensions of its activities, including its supply chain, employee relations, community relations, environmental impact and governance practices.


Sustainability issues by industry per SASB

data security

Data Security

Professional Integrity

Professional Integrity

Diversity and Engagement

Workforce Diversity and Engagement

Family Health
Global Healthcare

Practices already in place

  • FMR adheres to ESOMAR’s International Code of Professional Ethics for market and opinion research, EphMRA and MRS codes of conduct.
  • FMR has a data protection policy and ensures that data delivered are totally anonymized and that the process abides to the laws and rules applying to data protection as laid out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as of May 25th 2018.
  • FMR has an Employees code of conduct that includes guidance and policies on human rights and labor standards, health and safety, contract of employment, workplace inaccessibility SOP, anti-corruption measures and procedures, guidelines on maintaining integrity in the relationship with clients, partners and respondents, conflict of interest, fraud prevention and Whistle blower policy and procedure.
  • Equal opportunity, Workforce Diversity & Engagement: FMR combats all forms of discrimination and promotes gender equality within its teams. The promotion of women and equal pay is a priority. The internal Gender Balance for Better Business network carries out initiatives to support women in their career development. The current work force includes 9 nationalities and women represent 68.1% of our employees. 
  • We use all cloud-based storage and buy energy efficient IT equipment like to minimize our carbon footprint.
  • FMR has developed a procurement policy depicted in the Supplier Code of conduct with detailed policies and practices that all supplier must comply with.

Practices to be put in place

  • FMR we will only select contract food service providers who are committed to reducing food waste and our employees will be required to act responsibly in this regard.
  • FMR employees will be involved in environmental initiatives to promote eco-friendly actions to protect the environment, such as cleaning up beaches and forests and collecting waste.
  • All new employees will receive information about our environmental initiatives and training opportunities.
  • FMR will assign country managers and senior directors as CSR Ambassadors in different countries to get these messages/communication across.
  • FMR will Implement a policy that would help calculate GHG for our employees who work remotely 90% of the time, which will be evaluated at the end of the year. CO2 emissions linked to FMR’s business activity which are generated mainly through its energy consumption and business travel.
  • FMR will further develop and implement the Workforce Wellbeing and Safety policy. FMR is already committed to proving healthcare insurance to all employees and will proceed to set up set up activities designed to promote well-being in the workplace  
  • FMR will further develop and implement the Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education Opportunity Policy. FMR is already committed to providing training to all employees and will further sustain that initiative by proving employees the opportunity to follow comprehensive training programs designed to develop their skills through courses offered and paid for by  the company.

Goals and Actions


Corporate  responsibility governance committee created


Actions to reduce business travel

Revision of the Employee code of conduct and Procurement policy


Actions to promote the employability of employees


Launch CSR training program for FMR employees and an Employee satisfaction regrading working condition survey.


Implement a Wellbeing initiative, which aims to protect employees and offer them a safe working environment, a collaborative organization and personalized support for their mental and physical health.