Mass production without differentiation is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Personalized products have become more and more predominant in mass consumption, and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly making use of this new marketing approach to remain as close as possible to their customers.

Considering that we all have our own specific needs and our own particular morphology, it is conceivable that a given medicine may not provide effective treatment for all of us.

New 3D printing techniques have recently been developed that are compatible with medical devices. They can produce customized products tailored to individual needs, which make life much easier for patients undergoing treatment. A major advantage of personalized healthcare products is that customized treatments can be combined, making them much easier to take. Long-term follow-up on the patient is then much more consistent .

An increasing number of healthcare professionals are convinced that personalized healthcare is an effective solution. Research is currently underway on certain types of cancer treatments in order to quickly target THE most effective treatment.